To me, art is the access to emotions. How can we be able to feel without experiencing? I have explored and done research on this in recent years: how to make the audience or client more present when seeing or participating in art. With my creation FRANK, an art gallery with art studios in Malmö, I've curated around 100 art events. I develop exhibition concepts to experiment with experiences as a way for people to open up for emotions. My work, both at FRANK and outside, helped me learn a great deal about art and the culture business.

It's always research that makes the art last even longer while being appreciated, that's one of the things I've learned. When I consult a location's/person's/company's creative project I always make sure to understand the full picture. It's never just one perspective to use for a long lived art project. It's good to understand and respect what art or artist that/who will do the best work for a certain occasion. Working this way never intrudes on my artistic integrity, nor does it for the artists I work with. Instead - it gives more work for much more various artists, which in their turn helps them do a better job since they can work with what the have expertise in and can pay other jobs forward that are less suitable for them. 

Trying to understand and still preserve your artistic integrity while looking at perspectives and listening can be hard, but this is what I need to do to show that art and creativity can change and develop us as human beings. Art is not just for the few to endulge in, art and artists are much to important to be limited.